Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tableau Course Overview

what is Tableau?
Tableau is a data analytics platform, enabling everyone to gain vision from raw data.It has been recognized as a leader in Gartner's magic quadrant for data analytics and business intelligence platforms.
Is Tableau a software?
                        Yes, Tableau is a data visualization software, it connects easily to any data source which is near by it, It allows instantaneous awareness by transforming data into optically appealing.This is a type of software that is mainly used for analysis and forecasting by the use of interactive visualization through analytic tools, graphs, and charts.
Analytic tools allows an ample audience to find answers in data interactive visualizations are called dashboards
Why should we learn tableau?
Advanced technology has made data visualization more frequent and effective than before, as per the increase of business intelligence Tableau leads the world in making the data visualization process accessible to the users for every business background and industry.
Who should learn tableau?
Tableau can be learned by the business professionals and who are interested in data analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence.                                       
 ---> Most of the business analysts, project managers, data scientists prefer to learn Tableau.
Advantages to learn tableau?
  •  It can create interactive plots quickly
  • It can create dashboards very fastly                                                   
  •  It has inbuilt support for R via Reserve.                         
  • It can see and understand the data easily. 

Tableau market overview
Gartner market share analysis report recognized that tableau is the fastest growing business intelligence software provider on 2013
Tableau user counts increase of 75% from 2013 to 2014
More than 19000 customer accounts get rapid results with the tableau.
salary package for a tableau developer
The salary of a tableau developer in the USA is $102,000
In India, the salary for a senior tableau developer is Rs 538,479
 There are similar pays in all the other countries for a tableau developer.
 You can also check out the market growth on tableau in LinkedIn the development statics can be well described in LinkedIn.
Tableau industry
As we discussed before tableau is a professional learning software oriented booming course
The industry revolving around tableau software and there is a good development for a BI and data scientists in tableau industry.



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