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Online Bigdata Hadoop Training is offered by RSTrainings in Hyderabad, RStrainings is providing classroom & Online Training on Hadoop Bigdata. Our Trainers are real time work experience with 12+ years. We allocate Trainings on Hadoop globally UK, India, Aus, Canada, Saudi, Singapore.
Briefly about Course :
·         Introduction to Big Data and Analytics
·         Introduction to Hadoop
·         Hadoop ecosystem - Concepts
·         Hadoop Map-reduce concepts and features
·         Developing the map-reduce Applications
·         Pig concepts
·         Hive concepts
·         Sqoop concepts
·         Flume Concepts
·         Oozie workflow concepts
·         Impala Concepts
·         Hue Concepts
·         HBASE Concepts
·         ZooKeeper Concepts
·         Real Life Use Cases

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Big data & Hadoop

Briefly About On Big data & Hadoop

Big Data being the discussion of the IT world that is current, Hadoop reveals the path to use the data that is big. It creates the analytics much more easy contemplating the terabytes of Information. Infact Facebook promises to possess the biggest Hadoop Bunch of 21PB. 

Commercial function of Hadoop training in Hyderabad contains image processing, Web Crawling, Text processing and Information Analytics.

All the information in the world's is fresh, and most companies do not even try to use this information to their benefit. RStrainings is a best hadoop training center in Hyderabad pin is : 500081

Picture in the event you'd a method to examine that information and in the event you were able to manage to keep all of the information created by your company. This power will be brought by Hadoop to a business.

It's amazing to actually think of the quantity of information that kept regular throughout the planet, various, handled, analyzed, and is produced. Practically, 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are developed everyday which is an up incline where potential development is worried.

Studies have also suggested that nearly 90% now, of the information which exists in the planet was developed in only two years. 

Here is yet another astonishing bit of advice: Eighty Per Cent of the info being caught is not structured, generally called as Big-Data.

Where this instruction can be convenient, that is! It's an ideal open source software platform that experts like ETL information designers, DBAs, BI experts, program administrators, and information experts may utilize for studying a lot of of data that is big or information inside a period of time that is considerably lesser.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Java Training In Hyderabad


Course name : Adv Java 24*7 technical support

Faculty : Realtime experience

RStrainings is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide.We are providing best online training on JAVA.

Highlights in our training service:

Every faculty has Real Time experiance .Trained Resources placed in countries like Australia, USA, UK, JAPAN, SWEDEN etc.Any critical issues faced by resource resolved using Teamviewer, webex.Supporting the resource with Top 100 Interview questions.Resume built in best corporate standards according to the job description.We will market the resume for top technolgy countries.After each week a status exam is conducted.offline online trainings are conducted everyday.Weekend trainings for job goers.flexible timings in accordance with the resource comfortability.If version related to any Tool is upgraded. We will send the upgraded information via email.we will develop the Aquintance with Production,development and testing environments.Real time scenarios covered accross Software Development Life Cycle.for every 10 hours One hour catered to resolve the doubts.Explaining bugs and critical issues and development activities 24*7 technical supports sevices.

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity):


Types of Drivers
Types of Statements – Statement
Prepared Statement
Callable Statement
ResultSet, ResultSetMetaData
Working with Scrollable ResultSet


The Java Foundation Classes
JFC Technologies
Swing Features
Swing Components
Comparison between Swing and AWT
Event Handling
Dialogs – Modal and Modalless
RMI(Remote Method Invocation):
What is Distributed Object Sytem
Distributed Object Technologies
RMI Architecture
RMI Registry Services
RMI Applications
Removing Objects from Registry


Why are Servlets better than CGI
Environment Setup
Web Server Configuration
Servlet Life Cycle
Running Servlet
Calling the Servlet from HTMl
Session Tracking – Using Session API
Using URL Rewriting
Using Cookies
Using Hidden Fields
Java Beans:
Component Architecture
Creating a Bean Class
Manifest, Generating jar
Checking the bean execution using BDK
Using the Bean in another Application

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Course content:

Features of Java
Java and Internet
Programming Environment of Java
Java Virtual Machine
Fundamental Programming Structures in Java
A Simple Java Program
Compiling Java Programs
Bytes Codes
Where are classes stored
How are objects created
Memory Management in Java
Garbage Collection
Types of Garbage Collectors
Datatypes and Variables
Assignments and Initializations
Compile Time String Runtime Strings
Control Flow
Working with classes
Object Technology
The Object Model
Object class methods
How to Override equals,hashcode and toString
Characteristics of an Object
Architecture of an Object
Instance Variables/methods
Static variables /methods
Pass by value/Pass by reference
Scopes of variables
Type casing of primitive types
Method overloading
Guarenteed initialization
This() and this
Java Arrays
Command line arguments
Packages, Inheritance, Interfaces Exceptions
Purpose of packages, importing packages, etc
Constructor calling chain
Type casting
Abstract Classes
Preventing Inheritance
Access modifiers
Object: the Supermost class
The Class Class (Run-Time Type Identification)
Using an Abstract Superclass
Using an Interface
Properties of Interfaces
The Cloneable Interface
Interfaces and Callbacks
Inner Classes
Anonymous Inner Classes
Exploring some classes in java.lang package
Exception Handling
Need for exception handling
Throwable Super class
Errors in Java
Catching with try/catch/finally
Importance of throw,
Importance of throws
Runtime and non runtime Exceptions
Custom exception creation.
Introduction to multithreaded programming
What Are Threads
The Runnable Interface & The Thread class.
Running and Starting Threads.
Running Multiple Threads.
Thread Properties.
Thread States.
Moving Out of a Blocked State.
Dead Threads.
Interrupting Threads.
Thread Priorities.
Thread Groups.
Synchronization Techniques
Thread Communication Without Synchronization.
Synchronizing Access to Shared Resources.
Object Locks.
The Wait and Notify Methods.
Why the Stop , Resume , Destroy and Suspend Methods Are Deprecated.
Timers & Daemon Threads.
Collection Interfaces
When and how - List, Set and Maps
Concrete Collections
Linked Lists
Array Lists
Hash Sets
Tree Sets
Legacy Collections
The Hashtable Class
Property Sets
Introduction to IO
Types of streams
Stream class hierarchy
Control flow of I/O operation using streams
Byte Streams
Character streams
Buffered Streams
Standard I/O Streams
Object Streams
Need for Serialization
Serializable Interface
Externalizable Interfaces
Mantainence with Exeternalization
Introduction to Networking and Internalization
Networking with URLS
Networking by using Sockets
Networking using DatagramSockets
Need for localization and how java supports it.
Java Database connectivity
Typical Uses of JDBC.
Different types of Drivers
Basic JDBC Programming Concepts.
Querying with JDBC to databases.
Advanced SQL Types. Javax.sql package
Prepared statements.
Callable statements.
Introduction to distributed architectures
Introduction to Remote Objects.
The Roles of Client and Server.
Remote Method Invocations.
New JDK Topics
Enhanced For Loop
TypeSafe Enums
Var Args
Static Imports
New features in Collection framework