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Best Hadoop training institutes in Hyderabad,

Hadoop course structor and eco systems by RStrainings
Now we are living in Big data world. Today, the amount of unstructured data getting added to warehouse from different sources got increased exponentially. So the challenge is how to get the business value or customer insights out of this huge raw data. One of the most popular technology that is aiming to solve this big data related analytics is HADOOP. Hadoop is an open-source framework,RStrainings is best training center in hyderabad for hadoop training which is written in Java on Linux Operating System, which is intended to resolve the Big Data related to issues in terms of Storage wise and Processing wise. Hadoop is developed on a few important ideas and It is very rich in its features. First, It uses commodity machines to store its raw data.Second,code-locality. Moving the code where data resides over the network from one machine to another machine.This process is more efficient and faster processing methodology to handle very large datasets.Third, fault tolerance by having more copies within the cluster for high data availability and handles the system failure, Rstrainings providing Hadooop training in classroom and online
Hadoop framework uses mainly its two core components to store and process the Big Data[large] datasets. One is HDFS, Hadoop distributed File System, and another one is MapReduce. 
Same as Linux, the HDFS will split/divide/partition the entire data into chunks of data(each chunk will be called as Block size in Hadoop) and distribute them across multiple servers within Hadoop Cluster. MapReduce is a programming language and which helps to process the large datasets stored in HDFS.RStrainings is providing every session practically and understandble examples..
The Hadoop cluster consists of two types of nodes[Individual machines]: Master Node and WorkerNode. Always MasterNodes manages something within cluster and Hadoop Cluster can have more than one MasterNode. NameNode is MasterNode which manages the entire MetaData of its cluster. So it is counter-piece/heart of Hadoop cluster. A WorkerNode(can be called Data Node) stores the actual file in the form of Blocks.Whenever client wants to read or write into HDFS, first it contacts a NameNode. So If NameNode crashes/doesn't work then the entire hadoop cluster becomes inaccessible.RStrainings providing training world wide like usa, india , Singpore,Malasia, UK, CANADA etc..
Different Hadoop Eco-Components:-
PIG:- Pig is a base platform,developed by yahoo in 2006,high level data-flow language, which provides alternative abstraction on top of MapReduce program. It uses its own scripting language called Pig Latin. The Pig framework translate the Pig Latin scripts into series of MapReduce programs. RStrainings was located in Madhapur pin code is 500081
Hive:-Hive is data warehouse infrastructure software. It is both, a storage component where It stores the underlined data in HDFS and also a processing Component where it can analyze the Big Data stored in HDFS. Hive provides a SQL-like query language called HQL(Hive Query Language(HiveQL)).
HBASE:-Using RDBMS doesn't scale well and its is hard to shard the data. Hbase is another hadoop distributed column oriented ecosystem. It is also a database which built on top of HDFS. HBASE does not use the MapReduce programming to process the Big data. Unlike MapReduce program,Hbase can access the data randomly where online meets low-latency.

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SAP fico over view

           sap fico
SAP stands for systems, applications, and products in data processing
                        The goal of sap is to give customers the ability to interact with a common corporate databases.there is a sap R/3 software which manages all the modules.
sap fico
Fico means fi-finance and co-controlling it helps in the development of a business  there are many financial sections that are included into sap they are
--> general ledger
--> account payable
--> account receivable
The benefits of this is when the products are sold and payments are made then entries are automatically updated to the system in real time
Co-controlling means it handles all the flow of costs and the transactions that take place in the company.
in this, there are various segments involved like
--> product costing
--> cost center accounting
--> profitability analysis
There is a large demand for sap in the market now-a-days
The growth for this position and for the development of this software is increasing yearly
There are many job opportunities in this there will be surely a great future with sap
The average payscale in India for a sap fico worker is 590,383 pa
In the USA starting salary is 50,000-70,000 USD pa
Sap fico project manager gets 1,40,000 to 1,80,000 USD per annum
==> Financial account basic settings
==> General ledger
==> Account payable
==> Account receivable
==> Asset accounting
==> Reports
==> Basic settings of controlling
==> Cost center accounting
==> Internal orders
==> Profit center accounting
==> Profitability analysis
This is the overview about sap fico the growth and demand for this is more in the industry it will be helpfull for all the professionals and also for the freshers


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Tableau Course Overview

what is Tableau?
Tableau is a data analytics platform, enabling everyone to gain vision from raw data.It has been recognized as a leader in Gartner's magic quadrant for data analytics and business intelligence platforms.
Is Tableau a software?
                        Yes, Tableau is a data visualization software, it connects easily to any data source which is near by it, It allows instantaneous awareness by transforming data into optically appealing.This is a type of software that is mainly used for analysis and forecasting by the use of interactive visualization through analytic tools, graphs, and charts.
Analytic tools allows an ample audience to find answers in data interactive visualizations are called dashboards
Why should we learn tableau?
Advanced technology has made data visualization more frequent and effective than before, as per the increase of business intelligence Tableau leads the world in making the data visualization process accessible to the users for every business background and industry.
Who should learn tableau?
Tableau can be learned by the business professionals and who are interested in data analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence.                                       
 ---> Most of the business analysts, project managers, data scientists prefer to learn Tableau.
Advantages to learn tableau?
  •  It can create interactive plots quickly
  • It can create dashboards very fastly                                                   
  •  It has inbuilt support for R via Reserve.                         
  • It can see and understand the data easily. 

Tableau market overview
Gartner market share analysis report recognized that tableau is the fastest growing business intelligence software provider on 2013
Tableau user counts increase of 75% from 2013 to 2014
More than 19000 customer accounts get rapid results with the tableau.
salary package for a tableau developer
The salary of a tableau developer in the USA is $102,000
In India, the salary for a senior tableau developer is Rs 538,479
 There are similar pays in all the other countries for a tableau developer.
 You can also check out the market growth on tableau in LinkedIn the development statics can be well described in LinkedIn.
Tableau industry
As we discussed before tableau is a professional learning software oriented booming course
The industry revolving around tableau software and there is a good development for a BI and data scientists in tableau industry.



Is java essential to learn Hadoop?

Is java essential to learn Hadoop?          As we all know that Hadoop is built in java. So, basics of java are used at some sectors in Hadoop. It doesn't mean that you should definitely have the complete knowledge regarding java in depth. There are many other concepts in Hadoop you can learn without the help of java, In Hadoop java is used to code on MapReduce.
                  Although you are not good at java programming but have good skills at SQL can also learn Hadoop. There are some concepts like:-
1. pig
1) pig
"pig is a high-level data flow language"
"It is a beheading framework for parallel         computation"
 "It is generally used by programmers and researchers"
2) Hive
"Hive provides ad-hoc querying and data summarization"
"It is a data warehouse infrastructure"
"It is mostly used by data analysts"
                             you can only need to learn pig latin and Hive SQL (HQL) in Hadoop. Both only needs SQL base. HQL is same as SQL that takes queries and changes them into MapReduce jobs.HQL is faster and permissive feature of SQL.
  • These two concepts are very easy to learn.                                   
  •  More than 80% of the Hadoop projects are depending on pig and hive. 
  • Hadoop Online training Free Demo

HADOOP& BIG DATA Career and Industry Overview.

What is hadoop?

Hadoop is a java based programming framework. It is also an open source framework that allows to store and process big data in a distributed computing environment. 

Is hadoop and big data are same?

Hadoop is the core platform for structuring big data,and solves the problem  of analytics purposes.
  Hadoop uses architecture of distributed computing consisting of multiple servers using a single hardware,by making this relatively inexpensive to scale and support extremely large data stores.

Advantages to learn hadoop?

Everyone needs the good income and good career by the end of the day that can be possible with hadoop. That means for the best salary package and for the best professional career,hadoop is an very good suggestion by the experts.There is an great demand in upcoming years for the hadoop learners. "The main advantage to learn hadoop is can grasp lots of knowledge regarding IT."

Who should learn hadoop?
To learn hadoop mainly the learner should be aware of java basics.if not also it can be learnt by anyone from the basics,This can be a good choice for the freshers to their bright futures.
Why to learn hadoop?
  •  There is a huge and growing system of service.
  • pace of development is swift.                                                                                        Now a days tons of money and talent pouring in hadoop.

Hadoop market overview?
 Hadoop has been started and took evolution in big data on 2012-2014 and took an integral part of big data solutions.
 As per the market scenario the opportunities of hadoop is going to be increased very largely form 2017-2022.
Hadoop technology companies?
  •  DELL                                                                                                                                
  •  IBM                                                                                                                             
  • AMAZON                                                                                                                            
  • DATAMEER                                                                                                          
  •  MICROSOFT                                                                                                               
  • CLOUDERA                                                                                                                                 
  • PIVOTAL                                                                                                                           
  • HORTON WORKS                                                                                                              
  • HADAPT                                                                                                                            
  • PENTAHO                                                                                                                           

The above are the only few top companies which works with hadoop technology there are many more companies which hire on the basis of hadoop
salary package for an hadoop developer?
The starting salary package for an hadoop developer in india is 3.5 - 5lac per annum
Starting package of Java Hadoop Developer in United States is $112,000
An hadoop developer pays in uk(london) £45,000
There are similar pays in all the other countries for an hadoop developer.
                        You can also checkout the market growth on hadoop in linkedin the development statics can be well described in linkedin.
Hadoop industry
  •  Overall market at $100B                                                                       
  • Hadoop is in 2nd only to rdbms in potential                                                           
  • The global hadoop market is expected to grow $50 billion by 2020                                                
  • The demand for hadoop is more in india at bangalore  
  •  According to market analysis comparing with other technologies salary packages of hadoop is more.

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devops online trainings in hyderbad india USA UK

DevOps Course Content

Fundamental of DevOps

·       Introduction

·       History

·       Culture
 ·    Automation
·    Monitoring metrics

·    Sharing

DevOps Tools

·    Provisioning tools

·    Configuration management tools

·    Application deployment tools

·    Monitoring tools

·    Version control tools

·    Performance tools

·    Test and build tools

·       Puppet Introduction

·       History

·       Puppet tools/Components
·        Installing/Setting up

·       Writing puppet modules

·       Puppet DSL

·       Roles and Profiles

·       Hiera

·       Applications/Scope


· Jenkins Introduction · History

· Configuring Jenkins · Writing Jobs
· Jenkins integration with other tools · Continuous Integration
·    Continuous Delivery


·       Introduction and History of AWS

·       AWS Infrastructure: Compute, Storage, and Networking

·       AWS Security, Identity, and Access Management

·       AWS Databases

·       AWS Management Tools

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Hadoop and Big Data Over View

Hadoop is a free open-source software framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. It provides all-powerful storage for any nice of data, omnipotent supervision power and the doing to handle just about limitless concurrent tasks or jobs.
How Is Hadoop Being Used?
Going far away and wide ahead than its indigenous mean of searching millions (or billions) of web pages and returningrelevant results, many organizations are looking to Hadoop as their neighboring-door gigantic data platform. Popular uses today include:

1.Low-cost storage and data archive   

2.Sandbox for discovery and analysis        

3.Data lake        

 4.Complement your data warehouse 

 5.IoT and Hadoop

Hadoop is a easy to get praise of to, Java-based programming framework that supports the paperwork of large data sets in a distributed computing setting. It is share of the apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation.                                                                                         Hadoop makes it realizable to run applications harshly speaking systems gone thousands of nodes involving thousands of terabytes. Its distributed file system facilitates trenchant data transfer rates together along in the company allows the system to continue operating uninterrupted in deed of a node failure. This associations  the risk of catastrophic system failure, though a significant number of nodes become inoperative.  Hadoop was inspired by Google's MapReduce and software framework in which an application is blinking beside into numerous little parts. Any of these parts (furthermore known as fragments or blocks) can be counsel in version to any node in the cluster. Doug Cutting, Hadoop's creator and named the framework after his child's stuffed toy elephant. The current Apache Hadoop eco system consists of the Hadoop kernel Map Reduce the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) and a number of associated projects such as Apache Hive, HBase and Zookeeper.            

The Hadoop is framework used by major players including Google, Yahoo and IBM, largely for applications involving search engines and advertising. The operating systems are Windows and Linux but Hadoop can moreover undertaking subsequent to BSD and OS X.

                                                            Enjoy learning Hadoop and BigData with RS Trainings!!

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